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About The C Shore

[Headshot of Daniel F. Dickinson in an home office]
If you are technical you might wonder where the C code is, given the name of this site. Non-techies may just be wondering why the name of the site. I, Daniel Dickinson, chose the site name because C is the first ‘real’ programming language I learned well (I don’t count assembler, which is too level to be truly a language, nor BASIC which was more of a training language even if you could – if you really wanted to – do real things with it), and the code is scattered among various open source and proprietary projects. A number of open source projects to which I contribute can be seen at cshoredaniel on GitHub, including the theme I’ve created for this site using Hugo. You can see the theme at the dummy site for hugo-oldnew-mashup. I’m also working a number of Documents as well an Introduction to Arduino & Pi Workshop, which will eventually be added to this site once it is more complete/has more editing.

I’ve had quite an interesting (read challenging) life and managed to do some pretty good work despite all of that. I plan to find a way to incorporate my struggles with mental illness into this site, although I focus on things like firmware development, web development, work history, and the various professional and hobby things that are what (far too many) folks see as the only things that make a person’s life valuable, or that matter. This isn’t a standard portfolio site, but will show my work, and contrast that with how thinking goes awry when a major mental illness develops, and one has not yet found the right medical treatment combined with therapy to overcome the difficulties due to a neurobiological disorder.

I am an early digital native (since the 80’s, while I was in public school). I had the opportunity to work with Commodore 64’s at the public school which I attended which was hugely exciting, and even in Grade 6 and 7 I was working on an exotic assembly language program. It’s one of the reason’s I am happy the Midland Public Library is starting a Makerspace. I’m hopeful it will be a gathering place for young and old to learn to love (or have always loved) technology and the great things one can do with it.

Currently I’m learning new skills in web development and am working on some interestiing firmware and admin projects on my hobby / personal sysadmin roster, but am hoping to soon be able to concentrate on a software project and non-profit organization that is aimed at making the world a bit better place, both in terms of environment, and in terms of helping those who have little.